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Einkorn Whole Wheat Tortillas

Einkorn Whole Wheat Tortillas

Since being introduced to Einkorn through the Young Living catalog I have become quite interested in the stuff. I ordered a few pounds of Einkorn Whole Wheat flour and waited for it to arrive....

Einkorn Rotini Cheese Bake

Einkorn Rotini Cheese Bake – Recipe

I remember a time, long ago, when macaroni and cheese, from a box, was a frequent part of my meals. I don’t see myself ever eating that again, but still I love the combination...

A serving of Einkorn Chicken Tetrazzini

Einkorn Chicken Tetrazzini – Recipe

I just made this delightful Chicken Tetrazzini using Einkorn Spaghetti from Young Living. It was delicious, and wasn’t difficult to make. Yes, this is my first recipe that is not gluten free. Perhaps I...