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Einkorn Whole Wheat Tortillas

Einkorn Whole Wheat Tortillas

Since being introduced to Einkorn through the Young Living catalog I have become quite interested in the stuff. I ordered a few pounds of Einkorn Whole Wheat flour and waited for it to arrive....

Southwestern Breakfast Skillet, 21DSD, gluten free

Southwestern Breakfast Skillet – 21DSD

Southwestern Breakfast Skillet Recipe found in the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo, page 52. With parsnips taking the place of potatoes, this Southwestern Breakfast Skillet was tasty! The leftover portions will...

Beef & Bacon Cottage Pie, 21DSD

21DSD Beef & Bacon Cottage Pie

These delicious pies are well worth the effort to make them. Bonus: My family is only myself and my husband, so 4 of these beauties go into the freezer for future dinners.