Join Young Living

Join Young Living and see these Lavender Field at Dusk

Maybe you’re where I was a couple of years ago, wondering where and how to get the best quality essential oils possible. Like you, I didn’t need the oils alone, but rather with plenty of support for using them properly. Here are some points to consider that might help you choose to join Young Living, as I did.

Reasons to Join Young Living:

  1. Young Living has staying power. While other companies come and go, Young Living has been around since 1994. They have a proven track record and stability you can rely on.
  2. Young Living has its own farms. This gives them the ability to control the quality of their products from the seeds that get planted to the oil that goes in the bottle, and every step of the way in between.
  3.  Young Living gives you their Seed to Seal promise. What’s in the bottle is just what the label states. The Lavender essential oil bottle contains only Lavender essential oil. You’ll appreciate the difference when you compare Young Living’s oils to those from other sources. No goop, no additives, no synthetics. Just the real deal essential oils you want.
  4. Young Living essential oils are effective. In-house testing and third party testing ensure that the oils contain all the important plant compounds before they go in the bottles. No matter what your reason is for using essential oils, you want to be assured that they will have the effect you want.
  5. Young Living is the only company with essential oil labeled for ingestion. The FDA recognizes that some oils are safe to eat or drink. Young Living offers oils under the Vitality label so you can tell which ones are safe.
  6. Young Living is a great company to buy from. Their customer care personnel are amazing. They are looking out for your satisfaction as a customer.
  7. When you’re a member, you get 24% off the best essential oils in the world, for life. What’s that? Membership fees? There aren’t any, ever. The only thing you need do in order to keep your membership active is order $50 in product each year. That’s easy enough to do, because you’re going to love the products. If you do become inactive for whatever reason, no worries. It’s easy to reactivate your membership with a quick phone call to customer care.
  8. You will meet many like-minded people when you join Young Living. When you attend corporate events, such as convention or Beauty School, you will meet so many truly amazing and sincerely nice people. You will connect with them one way or another and keep in touch with them long after the event. New friends!!!
  9. There’s also an income opportunity with Young Living. If you choose to make Young Living your home business, then you will be delighted with their compensation plan. Google search “Young Living Income Disclosure” and then you’ll see what I mean.

When you decide you join Young Living, I’d love to have you as part of my team. You’ll want some support as you start using essential oils and become comfortable with them. You’ll need to be part of a community of oilers to cheer you one. Join us. We’re here for you.