About Flower House Essentials

Edna, with flowers on the front porch.

Welcome to Flower House Essentials!

I live in the Flower House in Rawlins, Wyoming and have been a teacher for 23 years. This page may have a little about teaching, but it’s mostly about the rest of my life, all those things I do outside of my work day.  I hope you enjoy what you read here!

Flowers at the Flower House

Flowers at the east end of my porch.

How we started: My husband and I grew up and met each other in Colorado Springs, CO. Once when were driving around, we saw a house that was most enchanting. It was a stucco house with blue trim, and it had kind of a wall of flowers suspended in hanging baskets. We found out that the house was the home of the caretaker for the Patty Jewett Golf Course.

When we returned home, I expressed a desire to make our house a flower house. My husband gave me the go-ahead, and I’ve been adding flowers every year since.

Original Flower House in Colorado Springs

This is the house that inspired the Flower House.


Gardening: My house is the Flower House and I spend every spring and summer trying to make it more flowery. That is a challenge in this high desert climate. I plant xeric plants and water every day. Another strategy that works is letting successful plantings spread as they will. I also look to see what is flourishing in other gardens and try those plants at home.

Diet: I started the 21 Day Sugar Detox on January 1, 2016 and have not returned to eating the way I did before. I’m a level one on the 21DSD eating plan. I content myself with grilled meat and steamed vegetables for most meals, but I also love to cook. In this blog I will write about my explorations in the two 21DSD books and also report on some of my own recipes.

Essential Oils: I use Young Living essential oils every single day.The oils are great to support a positive mood, support my wellness, and sometimes to flavor my foods. I also use Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner and a variety of their supplements. Contact me for more information about Young Living, or join my team now!

I stay busy every day. There is never a day when I am bored or wishing for something to do.